LET´S GET INVOLVED activities aim to prevent the marginalization of economically disadvantaged families as well as to reduce the feelings of inequality and loneliness.

The project’s purpose is to create and develop a coordinated operating model in which the donations from socially responsible companies and communities provide economic support to improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged children and families, increasing their experiences of social inclusion.

The operating model is based on the personalized encounter with companies and communities as well as on the families’ sense of inclusion and of being helped in a manner that they deem meaningful. The key factor is the cooperation with family social workers who point the families towards our activities.

In our coordinated operating model, the economic support consists of several small or larger donations with which we can offer a hobby to a child, theater tickets for the whole family, tickets to a sport event, or the participation in an interesting course or camp.

The STEA organization’s funding of the project makes it possible for a hundred percent of the donations to be directly targeted at children and young people.

Even a small donation makes a difference!