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Tampere NMKY/YMCA Tampere is part of both the national and global YMCA movement.  We offer a wide variety of child and youth activities.  Our association is structured into independent units as well as shared services.

YMCA’s vision is “Empowering young people.” In keeping with this three-pronged strategy NMKY Tampere works to empower the young people in our community.  We work towards this goal through various social work initiatives, scout groups, music and sports clubs. All our work is underpinned by our Christian ethos and our values of community, involvement and development.

Our Work

Messi Workshop, Satakunnankatu 31 G

Messi Workshop is open to young people aged 16-22 from in and around Tampere who

  • need something to do during the day
  • need a break from education
  • feel down or depressed
  • have been through a time of crisis
  • are lonely or bullied
  • are nervous in social situations

Activities include group work as well as one-on-one sessions. The group meets each day Monday – Thursday 9am-2pm.

Messi Youth Club, Hämeenpuisto 14 F

This youth club is open to

  • 13-20 year olds each day Monday – Thursday from 3pm -8pm.
  • 5th-7th graders (11-13 year olds) on Fridays from 2pm-5pm.
  • 16-29 year olds on Fridays from 5pm-9pm.

At the youth club, you can:

  • Hang out with leaders and friends as well as get to know new people.
  • Play games (billiards, table football, PlayStation 2 and 3, table tennis, board games…)
  • Use the sports hall when available.
  • Use the climbing wall
  • Take part in band and/or graffiti workshops
  • Suggest new activities. Design your own youth club!
  • Get help looking for summer jobs, with your homework, planning for the future…
  • Access help and support whenever you need it.

The youth club is free and you can come whenever you like (regular attendance is not required).

Messi Meet-Up, Hämeenpuisto 14 F

Messi Meet-up is open to young adults (18-29 years old).  Meet-Up is for you if you are looking for an open, safe place

  • to hang-out with friends as well as meet and get to know new people.
  • to get involved in small group activities
  • where you can ask for help when needed and get support for everyday challenges.
  • where your input is welcome and you can help us decide what activities to offer
  • where you will be welcome whenever you want to attend (regular attendance is not required).

We want Messi Meet-Up to help combat loneliness by providing a community for young people where they are encouraged to be actively involved both in personal development and in the Messi community. Meet-Up provides a living room for young adults where their input is welcome.

Before and After-School Clubs, Olkahisten School, Jenseninkatu 3.

A before and after-school club in Olkahisten school.  The club is run through-out the school year from 8am-10am and from 12noon -5pm.

Father-Child Work

Central to all our father-child work is quality time between dads and their children in the activities they do together.  Father-Child events are open to all dads and their children and are designed to be as accessible as possible.  The dads are brought together by their children. These events are mainly in the form of camps and day-trips.

Pirkanmaa Institute for Music, Eteläpuisto 4

Pirkanmaa Institute for Music offers a wide range of opportunities primarily for children and young adults to gain a basic music education (in accordance with the comprehensive curriculum).  Classes are available for both classical and rhythmic music.  The institute also offers music classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers as well as private tuition.

Tampere Eagle’s Scout Troop Wind Band

This is a full wind band for amateur musicians from in and around Tampere

Tampere Eagle’s Veteran Scout Band

This band is intended for musicians who are no longer actively involved with weekly basis music activity. Their years of experience is plain to hear.

Tampere Eagles Scout Troop

The scout troop was founded in 1920 as a traditional all boys troop.  The Eagles have plenty of scouting traditions and the troop is well-known for its high-quality work. A Sea Scout section is also offered.

TaNMKY Sports, Basketball

At Tampere YMCA our basketball clubs focus on ages up to C-juniors (14 years old).  There is a team for each age group for both boys and girls. Most of our training sessions are held in the Namika Sports Hall at Satakunnankatu 31.

Adult Groups

  • A men’s Bible study group meets regularly.
  • Nostoväki – a group of men who have previously been involved in our weekly activities meet around once a month with a varied programme (outings etc.).
  • Men’s Run & Sauna – a group of men run together monthly and then enjoy sauna. This group aims to help men cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.
  • Y-digi – a group for those interested in digital photography.


Tampere NMKY / YMCA Tampere Office

Hämeenpuisto 14 F

33210 Tampere

Phone: Jari Juhola (organization secretary) 040 168 6627, Email:,, #ymcatampere